Music Video Director Capone Claims Tory Lanez's Colorism Accusations Are False

The dark-skinned model in the middle of the situation apparently said the singer was pushing "fake news."

(AllHipHop News) Did Tory Lanez create controversy to change public perception? The Love Me Now? album creator garnered some love when he recently spoke out against colorism in the music industry. However, some online commentators are questioning if the Canadian is simply trying to get back on the good side of black women after he seemed to endorse the idea of trading Steph Curry's wife Ayesha Curry for a "white woman."

Recently, Lanez posted a vid on Instagram from the music video shoot for Nafe Smallz's "Good Love." The clip's caption featured Tory seemingly calling out the directors for allegedly attempting to replace a dark-skinned woman named Sultry Shen for a lighter-skinned model. He wrote:

This is an On -Going problem in our community of entertainment that needs to stop . As a black man , Sometimes I’m going to joke about the black community just like we all do . BUT WHAT IM NOT GOING TO DO IS ALLOW ANY OF THESE DIRECTORS TO DE-VALUE OUR BLACK WOMEN ... countless times I’ve seen directors swap out our women of color for women of lighter complexion, or women with straighter hair ETC . ... IT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY AS ARTIST TO STAND UP AND NOT LET THIS HAPPEN .. it’s BEEN time to embrace our woman of color #BlackIsBeautiful

One half of the Capone x Guise duo that directed the "Good Love" MV is pushing back against Lanez's colorism accusations. TMZ reports:

Capone insists it wasn't anyone on his team, adding most of the people present on the set during that particular scene were from Tory's camp ... insinuating the attempted swap came from there. Further proof, according to Capone, is that he and Guise are heavily involved in the Afrobeats scene, and the majority of their work features dark-skinned women. On top of that, "Good Love" is highlighted by all types of beautiful black women ... including the darker-skinned model in question, who is seen several times in the music vid.

After reports circulated online that Sultry Shen accused Tory Lanez of lying about the situation, the "Talk To Me" singer returned to IG to post another message. Lanez denied his original Instagram statement was a "publicity stunt" and implied he was the only person being truthful about the incident.

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He's trying to get black women on his side after the Ayesha Curry drama.. Just as stated by Yohance..