MusicSkins: Protecting Devices With Style

Face it, your mobile or computer device gets used more than any other object you own.

You probably have a laptop that has started to succumb to the trappings of normal wear and tear. Well, there is a solution for all of it.

MusicSkins is the answer.

MusicSkins are protective coverings that are crafted from premium 3M vinyl so they apply like a simple sticker, but are much easier to remove.

Also, the high gloss look sheathing maintains a sheen for years, keeping your laptop, mobile unit or even guitar looking fresh. chatted briefly with Jed Seifert, Executive Vice-President,

MusicSkins to get the scoop on the innovative technological supplement. What is the hottest Urban offering you have at music skins?

Jed Seifert: Jay-Z: Blueprint 3, Rihanna: Logo, and Lil Wayne: Shades. Can you speak on the custom feature?

Jed Seifert: The customizer tool enables people to create their own custom skins using

their own photos, artwork and logos. It's an easy to use tool that takes no

design or technical skills, so anyone can use it. We offer over 100

different devices for the custom skins and it's located at What is the most exciting aspect of these skins to you?

Jed Seifert: The most exciting thing is the skins are the next generation of


MusicSkins enables people to express their style as well as their love

of a brand, band, artist or even their own artwork. It allows people

to separate themselves from the sea of generic devices and create a

personalized and stylish device that exemplifies their own style. What are the protective qualities of the MusicSkins?

Jed Seifert: MusicSkins uses a patented 3M vinyl that protects against scratches and

scuffs and has anti-UV coating. Of all of the skins, which is most popular?

Jed Seifert: The Beatles and Bob Marley. Have you seen a rise in sales in the holiday season?

Jed Seifert: Tremendous. We are seeing exponential higher sales numbers for the

holidays versus what we saw the rest of the year.

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