Mystikal Arrested For Rape and Extortion

Grammy-nominated rapper Mystikal (Michael Tyler), along with two other men, were charged with aggravated rape and extortion, according to the Associated Press. All three men, including Leland Ellis, 36, and Vercy Carter, 34, turned themselves in to police on Thursday morning and were booked in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Thursday afternoon Mystikal was released on $250, 000 bond. If convicted, the charge of aggravated rape carries a mandatory life sentence.

The police charge that the rapper raped a 40-year-old woman on July 3.

According to reports, the alleged rape occurred because the victim accepted checks against the rapper's bank account even though she knew he didn't authorize them. The extortion charges stem from the rapper allegedly soliciting the woman for sex under the condition that he wouldn't turn her into the police for her crime.

When the woman appeared at the rapper's home in Louisiana, she was threatened and forced to perform oral sex on him, police report.

Tyler then called the two other men, Ellis and Carter, and told them to come over to the house, according to police. When Ellis and Carter arrived Tyler allegedly raped her as they watched. After the performer was done, they also allegedly raped and threatened the woman.

"During the attacks, the victim was repeatedly threatened with prosecution and great bodily harm. The victim was allowed to leave the residence after the attacks. She was treated and released at a local hospital," a police statement said.

Neither Mystikal nor his record label, Jive, returned calls for comment.

Since his 1995 debut, Mystikal has released seven albums. In the mid-90's he was signed to Master P's No Limit Records. Last year, he was nominated for a Grammy award with "Shake Ya A**." His latest CD, Tarantula, has gone gold and yielded the hit, "Bouncin' Back." Mystikal is a guest star on the current Ludacris single "Move......" courtesy of