Mystikal Eligible For Parole This Year, Writing New Material

Incarcerated rapper

Mystikal is eligible for parole in December of this year and has already begun

plotting his rap comeback, according to an insider within his camp.

"He's being

treated real well, using the time to re-focus on some things," the source

told "He's been writing a lot. I believe he's got over 20

new songs that he's written already."

Mystikal, whose

real name is Michael Tyler, was sentenced in January 2004 to six years in prison

for allegedly assaulting his former hairstylist.

Under Louisiana

state law, Mystikal was to be eligible for parole after two years. Judge Anthony

Marabella also mandated that the New Orleans rapper register with the state

of Louisiana as a sex offender.

"He's already

been in the service, so the routine is familiar to him. He is a very disciplined

person," said the source of. "He's very focused on doing his time,

getting it over with, getting that behind him."

Police arrested

Mystikal and two bodyguards for threatening to turn in the rapper's former hairstylist

to police if she did not have oral sex with them, after she allegedly cashed

$80,000 worth of unauthorized checks from Mystikal's bank account.

Mystikal was initially

charged on July 18, 2002 with extortion and aggravated rape, which, in Louisiana

carries a mandatory life sentence without probation.

Mystikal's lawyer,

J. David Bourland, was able to lessen the charges down to sexual battery in

exchange for a guilty plea.

Police said they

found a videotape of the alleged assault on July 19, 2002.

As part of negotiations,

the prosecutor agreed to seal the videotape and exclude it as evidence in the

case. Upon the judge's request, however, the prosecution allowed the judge to

view the tape.

The two bodyguards

involved in the assault also pleaded guilty. Vercy Carter was sentenced to four

years in jail and Leland Ellis, up to three years.

Judge Marabella

reportedly read Mystikal's sentence with visible contempt.

"The court

is convinced that the defendant believes he is above the law and can take the

law into his own hands. You received a significant break when the district attorney

reduced the charges," said the judge according to the Baton Rouge newspaper

The Advocate at the time of the trial.

"When I read the things that were said to him after his sentencing from

the judge, I'm like, these people don't have a clue who this person really is,"

said the source. "He's built buildings, he gives money to the colleges

- and this was all before any of this went on. He has served his country. He

served his community on a regular basis."

Prior to negotiations,

Mystikal performed community service and underwent sexual assault counseling.

The rapper also settled with the woman for an undisclosed amount to prevent

her from filing a civil suit against him.

Mystikal said he

expresses his gratitude for those who have reached out with positive feedback

and encouragement via written correspondence or other means.

"He's been

getting a lot of mail. The fans have been supportive, family has been real supportive

of course, and the hip-hop industry in general has been supportive," said

the insider. "People who have not contacted him directly have sent messages

through the label or through his people."

Under the conditions

of the sentence, Judge Marabella ruled that Mystikal would have to serve five

years of probation for extortion after he is released from prison.

The rapper would

return to jail for up to 10 more years if he violated any of the probation terms.

Mystikal is currently

serving time in Elayn Hunt Correctional Facility in St. Gabriel, Louisiana.