Mystikal Sentenced To Six Years

Michael "Mystikal" Taylor was sentenced to six years in prison for sexual battery.The 33-year-old Grammy nominated rapper accepted the six years in a plea agreement and will immediately begin serving time.The victim, Tyler's former hairstylist, accused the rapper and two bodyguards of forcing her to perform oral sex, after they accused her of stealing $80,000.Baton Rouge Judge Tony Marabella ruled that a videotape the men made proved the sexual acts were not consensual.Marabella concluded the victim had been "terrorized.""If it weren't for the victim, his sentence would have been the maximum 10 years," Marabella said. "The court is convinced that the defendant believes he is above the law and can take the law into his own hands."In January of 2003 Tyler assumed that he would settle the case and declared his innocence."I was ready to go all the way, full fledge 'cause it's the principle," Tyler told "The person that was involved in it was real dear to me, I still don't believe it. I refuse to believe they could do something like this to me after all I had done for them. That's like taking in a foster child and he kills you or robs you. That's serious, that's someone I considered to be a true sister."The other two men, Leland "Pokie" Ellis, 37, received three years, while Vercy Carter, received four years."You got to be a little more careful with your love and your trust, you cant just throw it out there like that even though my trust was earned with this person," Tyler continued. "This was five years in, man. I couldn't have saw that coming in a million years, I would have bet my life on it."Tyler has already paid the woman $350,000. The money and the plea were his attempt to prove he is "continuing to try to make up to all involved for the distress."The three men pleaded guilty in June, but withdrew the plea, claiming the judge was biased after viewing the tape.The motion was withdrawn Thursday, which led to their sentencing.