NAACP Honors Rapper Hev With Spirit Award

Rapper/actor Hev (formerly

Heavy D.) will be presented with the NAACP Spirit Award at the The 16th Annual

NAACP Theatre Awards taking place in Feb.

Hev is being awarded for his leading role in the stage play

“Medal of Honor Rag” in addition to his accomplishments in film,

television and music.

“Sometimes when you do things in life, you never know

that people are paying attention,” Hev told “It’s

a wonderful feeling to be looked upon as someone they consider to have made

a contribution to theatre.”

“Medal of Honor Rag” was directed by veteran actor

Delroy Lindo and centers on a depressed Vietnam veteran and his relationship

with a New York psychiatrist.

Fellow rapper/actor Will Smith executive produced the play,

which ran from Jun. 1 – Jul. 11 in Los Angeles.

“I wanna thank Will Smith for believing in me and supporting

me unconditionally,” Hev continued. “It would not have been possible

without him.”

The play also ran from Oct. 13 – Nov. 16 to raise money

for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Previous winners of the award include Danny Glover, Phylicia

Rashad, Art Evans and Fayard Nicholas.

“What an honor to be amongst such great entertainers.

This award is like a dream come true. This is proof that a little boy, who dreams,

can see those dreams turn into reality.”

The 16th Annual

NAACP Theatre Awards is scheduled to take place Feb. 20, 2006 at the Directors

Guild of America Theatre in Los Angeles, California.