NAACP Wants Supreme Court Help for C-Murder

AllHipHop Staff

The NAACP is now involved in Corey “C-Murder” Miller’s homicide case, requesting that the Supreme Court step in over evidence of jury tampering.

Miller was sentenced to life in prison on August 11 for the murder of 16 year old Steve Thomas, who was shot after a 2002 altercation with the rapper in a Harvey nightclub.

The jury reached the conviction through a vote of 10-2. The ruling was controversial, as juror Mary Jacob claimed that her guilty vote made under pressure from fellow jurors to end the drawn-out trial.

She stated in an interview that she was verbally abused, and became physically ill during the sessions.

Judge Hans Liljeberg ordered another deliberation, which resulted in a second 10-2 verdict that was upheld.

Louisiana NAACP President Ernest Johnson wrote a letter to Chief Justice Catherine Kimble, calling for her court to conduct “a full investigation of this entire case, the immediate removal of the trial judge, the appointment of a new judge from outside the 24th Judicial District to hear all post trial motions, and the immediate release of Mr. Miller from prison pending a review of this entire matter because justice delayed is justice denied.”

At press time, the Louisiana’s Supreme Court has not released a statement on whether Miller’s conviction will be reviewed.