Nappy Roots Return From Persian Gulf

Nappy Roots recently returned from the Persian

Gulf, as part of the USO shows in Iraq, Qatar and Kuwait.

The shows were part of Project Salute 2003, the

first large entertainment tour of the region since the war with Iraq.

"It was an honor to have even been invited

to perform for the troops, and of course, we had to go over there," said

Nappy Roots' Skinny Deville.

"It was a life-altering experience for all

of us. To be so far from home and to be with so many people who share a common

goal - protecting our freedom - is a feeling that I can't really put into words,"

Deville continued."

"To be freestylin' in Baghdad in 130-degree

weather was something that we will never forget, and the vibe and the energy

of the whole trip was just amazing. It felt like a pilgrimage which really tested

our faith in what we believe in, and the response from the troops was overwhelming.

It means a lot to us that our music was respected and that we feel like we made

an impact. It was all about the music and about sharing our sound and our voices

with everyone over there on the front lines. We are just grateful for being

able to be part of such a powerful moment."

The grouped just dropped a single, "Roun'

The Globe" and is preparing to release their second album, Wooden Leather,

which is slated to hit stores August 26.