Nas Admits He And Kelis Are A Couple

Nas has finally admitted that he and soul-songstress

Kelis are indeed a couple. While the rapper was somewhat tightlipped, he admitted

that he now has a new boo.

" Yes, its true,”

the QB rep said to of the eccentric songbird. “That's my baby."

In his normally reclusive manner, Nas dispelled

rumors that Kelis was dating Sean “P.Diddy” Combs, but said that he

has found the one. “You can say we found each other at the right time and

we been looking for each other for a


The pair collaborated on “Hey Nas”

with Claudette Ortiz from City High playing third wheel in the song.

Nas and Kelis had been seen at several events

together, including press dates and industry parties. Nas’ God’s Son

is currently in stores and fans looking for Kelis’ next CD will have to

wait as the siren wrangles between The Neptunes’ Startrak and Puffy’s

Bad Boy.