Nas And Kelis Agree To Joint Custody Of Son

AllHipHop Staff

A new custody agreement has been reached between the two ex's.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Nas and his ex-wife Kelis have reportedly agreed to share legal and physical custody of their son.

The MC accused his ex of only allowing him visitation with their son Knight when it was convenient for her last year, and he asked a judge to put an official custody schedule in place in November.

The issue was quickly resolved after he and Kelis reached a visitation settlement, with Kelis granting her ex weekends with his son.

However, the custody dispute heated up again last month, when she claimed the rapper should be paying her more than the $8,000 -a-month in child support they agreed upon five years ago, when their son Knight was three, insisting her parental needs had changed over the years since the deal was signed.

Kelis hasn't come up with a specific figure but she does want her ex to pay half of all Knight's education, childcare and health-related costs.

The dispute over child support has yet to be settled, but sources claim the former couple has agreed to joint custody.

The agreement comes a couple weeks after Kelis, who divorced Nas in 2010, revealed she is planning to relocate her family to the country to open a restaurant on her farm.

"In this past year I've kinda felt like I need a restaurant," she told the Founder Hour podcast. "I need a space where I can actually be creative and I can do this on a daily basis... We started looking for a farm. We found a property. And we're going to start to grow everything."

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court system lets them get away with this shit..


So. You want Nas to pay more support to basically help with your "farm" and "restaurant"? These chicks man....🤦🏾‍♂️