Nas' Baby's Mama Steps Forward To Clear The Air

Just when it seemed that the controversy surrounding

the dying Nas/Jay-Z feud was winding down,

a new spark seemed to be lit. Instead of a record coming from Jay-Z or Nas,

the record was allegedly recorded by none other than Nas' baby's mama, who goes

by the name of Carmen. The song, "Carmen's Got A Gun" was recorded

as a response to Jay Z's "Super Ugly." Apparently that was a hoax

and the real Carmen has stepped forward to speak her mind. In a press release

Carmen said the following:

“I understand that there is a new song receiving

airplay titled “Carmen’s Got a Gun”. While I can appreciate that

someone felt the need to respond to this controversy on my behalf, I would like

to state for the record that I am not a rapper and I did not record this song.

I also do not own a gun nor am I supporter of violence.

It becomes increasingly difficult for my daughter

and I to have a personal life when individuals use my private life for their

own benefit. And while I’m all for any woman taking a stand and making

one listen to what they have to say, It is NOT appreciated when it’s done

at mine or my daughter’s expense.

That said, I would like to wish this new artist,

whoever she may be, the best of luck. But again, she is Not me. I would also

like to thank everyone for their overwhelming support that I have been receiving.

Very soon, the world will hear what I have to say.”

-The Real Carmen.