Nas' Baby's Mother To Release All In Tell-All Book

Carmen Bryan, mother

of Nas' 10-year-old daughter Destiny recently emerged from seclusion and penned

a tell-all autobiography highlighting her sexual and personal encounters in the

entertainment industry.

The book, "Sex Drugs

And Hip-Hop - Oh And Did I Mention Love" is a first person account clearing

alleged rumors and detailing her experiences with celebrities such as Jay-Z,

Allen Iverson, and Wendy Williams among others.

"I'm not writing this

book to slam anyone, get even or because I have something to prove." Bryan

explained on her website. "I

am simply writing this book because it has always been a desire of mine."

Featured in the book will

include her take on the Jay-Z/Nas 2001 battle which she believes initiated from

both rappers involvement with her.

"I mean of course, they would probably say otherwise, but realistically

speaking, no one just wakes up in the morning and decides to make a record about

another person for no reason."

She also goes as far as

saying that she inspired the majority of hits for the Jay-Z which reportedly

included "Give It To Me, "Is That Yo Chick and "Best Of Me Remix".

"There were so many

songs written about me." She bragged. "Between Nas & Jay-Z, I

could release a compilation album called Carm's greatest hits."

In addition, she claimed

to have been intimate with the recently wedded Nas after he began his relationship

with Wife Kelis over three years ago.

As of press time, Bryan

is in negotiations with several publishers to close a deal for the soon-to-be

released book.