Nas Believes Kelis May Flee The Country With His Young Son

AllHipHop Staff

The rap star's ongoing war with his ex-wife continues to rage on.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Nas is asking a judge to hold his ex-wife Kelis in contempt of court after she allegedly took their son out of the country without his permission.

The feuding couple agreed to share legal and physical custody of its son Knight last year after Nas accused his ex of only allowing him visitation when it was convenient for her.

He asked a judge to put an official custody schedule in place in November, 2017 and the issue was quickly resolved after he and Kelis reached a visitation settlement.

However, the custody dispute flared up again in February, when Kelis claimed the rapper should be paying her more than the $8,000-a-month in child support they agreed upon five years ago, when Knight was three, insisting her parental needs had changed over the years since the deal was signed.

Nas is now accusing Kelis of violating the order 17 times since January, 2018 and claims the Milkshake hitmaker is planning to relocate to Colombia with their son.

"In or around December of 2018, Petitioner (Kelis) moved to Cartagena, Colombia and took the minor child without my consent," his legal filing reads.

Nas also claims he was unaware she removed their son from school in Los Angeles, adding he was not able to communicate with Knight while he was out of the country.

"On Christmas, Petitioner informed me by text message that although her 'plan' had been to bring the minor child back to me in Los Angeles for New Year's, the plan had changed," the legal documents continue. "She then stated that the new plan was to come back on January 4, 2019."

Kelis and Knight reportedly did not return until January and Nas wants his ex punished.

He also is seeking the $8,000 in sanctions she was previously ordered to pay.

A hearing has been scheduled for April.