Nas Celebrates Black History Month By Paying Homage To Black Musicians

The Hip Hop icon pens a profound essay for Google Arts & Culture.

(AllHipHop News) Nasir Jones has already cemented his place in Black History. As one of the greatest artistic minds of the last 25 years, the emcee properly fits in the pantheon next to African-American musicians such as Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday, James Brown, Ella Fitzgerald, B. B. King, Aretha Franklin, and Jimi Hendrix.

The Queens-raised wordsmith's critically acclaimed LPs are among Hip Hop's most celebrated projects, but he still understands the importance of honoring the giants whose shoulders he stands on. Nas worked with Google to create content that pays homage to the tradition of black musicians and storytellers.

"I was raised to understand that every month was Black History Month. That every day, my ancestors, contemporaries and everyday dreamers like myself can, shall, and continue to make history," wrote Jones. "Our music has been a relentless advocate for our story, which plays a crucial role in the American narrative: Red, white and blues, baby."

He added, "The conversation never stops and we all continue to push it steadily along, through our arts n crafts and even within the way we speak. Bumps in the road can’t stop this. Some might argue that this here scribe is talking a whole lotta jazz but anyone fly enough and culturally astute enough to listen will hear what we’re saying."

Read Nas' full "We Continue To Rise" essay at the link.