Nas Moves 'God's Son' Release Date Up

Nas has made the decision to change the release

date of his latest album God's Son, due to rampant bootlegging. The album

will drop on Friday December 13, four days earlier than anticipated.

"God's Son is my most personal album,"

Nas told "I poured my heart and spirit into it. It's important

to me that the fans hear my album the way I intended."

Various versions of the Queens bred rapper's

7th album have appeared on the street and on the Internet. Nas said that he

decided to break the music industry's tradition of releasing records on Tuesday,

to thwart any future sales losses.

"When you buy a bootleg or pirate a download

off the net, you don't get the real thing," Nas continued. "The sound

sucks, the sequencing is wrong, you're probably missing some tracks, and you

don't even get the artwork and CD bonuses."

God's Son features production from Eminem, Alicia

Keys, Salaam Remi and the Alchemist.