Nas: Nas’ Favorite Things (Part 2)

Nas’s look and image has always remained relatively consistent since he made his debut in the early 1990's. It is not by accident. The thirty-something rapper offers his tips for staying fit and healthy (after running down his gadgets, cars and other objects in Part 1). In addition, AllHipHop threw some Hip-Hop-related questions that really had Nasir Jones thinking. Do you have a particular workout regimen or dietary thing that you stick on?Nas: Well I think push-ups, no pork, not too much beef. Not too many carbs, not too many yellow things, cholesterol. I say not too much ‘cause I indulge in some of them every [so often], except pork. But I just don’t want to lie, you know. Be a “fegitarian” with iron is cool. That’s like a vegetarian – vegetables with fish. I heard that’s the new s**t. It’s all kinds of ways, whatever floats your boat, but you gonna need some iron, some protein. You’re gonna have to balance the beef out sometime, know what I What about your workout, more like cardio and lifting weights?Nas: Definitely cardio and the weights when you get a chance, but you know always knock out some pushup and sit-ups get your blood flowing. Gotta be on the [treadmill], because your heart’s a muscle you got to work that out too, so got to keep that. Also, play ball and Yeah swimming is underrated. What was your first job like?Nas: Never had a job. Never had a boss and I never will have a job and a boss. My pop told me, “Be your own boss.” That’s why I got in music, no bosses in this. When we get an executive inside, a lot of people be like “Yo, you signed to Def Jam is this guy your boss?” I went, “Nah, if I sign with Def Jam and I’m behind a desk, maybe it’d be different. But as far as music we each other’s boss, we both play for people, together.” You know what I’m saying nobody’s like you better be here at this time tomorrow or you’re fired. It’s nah, we’re collectively together, you can’t sit down and tell Kanye West what you gonna do. We working on our own - together for people. So I don’t think I ever had a boss. I don’t think I want to be behind a desk unless it’s for my own Now these are five quick, really basically lines of questions, answers, Run-DMC or Wu-Tang?Nas: That’s not fair. That’s not fair. That’s not fair. Nah, I can’t do that ‘cause Run-DMC… because I’m from Queens first of all, and Run-D.M.C. laid it down, they’re the Rolling Stones. Other than that you’ve got the Wu ‘cause there’s never been anything like it and there’ll probably never be anything like the Wu Alright, this is gonna be harder, but Kane, Kool G Rap or Rakim?Nas: [Pauses] I say G Rap. I say Kane and Rakim so much, I’m gonna give it to G Rap this time because you know G don’t get the credit of being a sick motherf**ker, he said that line [in “Death Wish”] for me. And I smiled, “sick motherf**ker.” But then you felt that he was a sick motherf**ker when he said it, like that n***a there is in the class by his On a normal day: Rap, R&B, Rock or Jazz?Nas: Jazz, why?Nas: Probably grew up around it. And you know it was cool out music. I’ve been listening and doing rap for so long, you need a break. And the Jazz like, you know John Coltrane and Coltrane is crazy. You know stuff he did… and Ellington is crazy too. Miles [Davis’] Kind of Blue. Steak or salad?Nas: Steak. I need me a A night on the town or night at home?Nas: I mean, home is great. You know, I always got home. I like to do a night on the town. I’m already home, so a night on the town.Click here for Part 1.