Nas, Nicki Minaj & Serena Williams Appear In Beats By Dre's "Queen Of Queens" Ad

Watch the latest visuals from the electronics company.

(AllHipHop News) Beats By Dre is back with a new commercial. The "Queen of Queens" ad features tennis legend Serena Williams being torn between motherhood and work.

Queens, New York icon Nas narrates the opening of the video. Queen album creator Nicki Minaj pops up at the end of the clip. The NYC-bred rapper's "Majesty" record serves as the soundtrack for the ad.

Nicki posted on Instagram:

> I speak for all of us when I say its been an absolute pleasure watching you show us what it is to be a true QUEEN! Talented, strong, beautiful, intelligent, unapologetic, gracious, TRIUMPHANT, QUEEN!!!!!! It seems we are never skinny enough, tall enough, nice enough, strong enough, funny enough, sexy enough, pretty enough, classy enough, quiet enough... UGH! The list goes on & on & on & ON! You are just getting started & have already become the BEST OF THE BEST. CONGRATULATIONS SERENA!!!! Were dialed in!!!! LETS GO!!!!! #Majesty Love to ALL MY QUEENS! Proud of all of you!

Serena wrote on her own IG page:

> Often, were told we have to choose, but the only decision we really need to make is whether or not to show the world what were really made of.