Nas Protégé Arrested In VA On Assault Charges

Nas protégé

and Ill Will/Columbia artist Quan was arrested Tuesday (Oct. 25) in Hampton

Virginia and hit with various charges, including felony assault and battery

on a police officer.

According to published reports,

authorities were responding to a call to a local motel in regards to complaints

of a heavy odor of marijuana coming from one of the rooms.

When the two patrolmen responded,

they were allegedly found Quan, who's real name is Clifford Ferquan Peacock.

The rapper allegedly agreed to let them enter the room.

Upon entry, authorities

report that they found a loaded handgun in the refrigerator. Once the weapon

was spotted authorities state that Peacock the fled the scene and was chased

by one officer on foot.

The pursuit was reportedly

ended in a hallway of the motel, where Peacock allegedly attacked the officer.

Once the second officer

came to the defense, it is reported that three suspects fled the scene.

Once Quan was placed in

custody, police report that they recovered $19,000 dollars in cash, 3 handguns,

cell phones and a small amount of marijuana.

Quan was arrested on charges

of marijuana possession, being a felon in possession of a handgun, resisting

arrest and assault on a police officer.

No comment from either side

was available at press time.