Nas Retracts Call To Rob Funkmaster Flex

While the Nas

drama continues to play out with all kinds of news surfacing, one thing is a

fact. Nas has recanted his calls to rob Funkmaster Flex of his jewelry. During

an interview with Wendy Williams last week, Nas said ""If you a real

man, take Flex's chain and give it to me. If you a real man, when you see Flex

take off his chain and I got something for you. If you a rap artist, that's

real, smack that ni@#a man!" Nas is upset with Funkmaster Flex and Hot

97, claiming they take money to play songs, a common occurance amongst all radio

stations due to a loophole in the law.

After his call

for the robbery, Nas recanted his calls for violence. "I didn't mean that, because

as a real man I'm not gonna promote any violence," Nas told "I'm not

gonna ask for any harm to be done to Flex. I was outraged, I was angry and I'm

man enough to say I really don't want nothing to happen to him because he's

not fit for it, he's not built for it. He's just a mouth that gets paid to do

whatever he wants to do. I take that statement back."