Nas Said To Be "Huge Creative Force" On The Netflix Series 'The Get Down'

(AllHipHop News) Netflix is set to air a new Hip Hop centered series titled The Get Down. The program was developed by Baz Luhrmann. The director of Romeo + Juliet and The Great Gatsby spoke about the 70's themed show during a panel at the Tribeca Film Festival. Entertainment Weekly reports Luhrmann revealed Hip Hop legend Nas is heavily involved in the project.

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“One of the great collaborations is that I’ve been working really closely in creating these rhymes, and he’s a producer on the film, with one of the most iconic voices of the ‘90s and that’s Nas," said Luhrmann. "And so Nas has been this other huge creative force in the production. And it’s been playing really, really successfully.”

Besides Nas, another rap icon is attached to The Get Down. Grandmaster Flash was tapped to serve as an associate producer, adviser, and character. Mamoudou Athi will play a younger version of the legendary DJ. The show features both fictitious characters and real life figures.

The Get Down premieres on Netflix on August 12.

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Watch the trailer for The Get Down below.