Nas Says 'Hip-Hop Is Dead' Could Be His Best Album

Nas says his greatest

work is ahead of him, but the veteran rapper said his fans will intimately determine

if his latest album Hip-Hop Is Dead reigns over his classic albums like

Illmatic (1994), It Was Written (1996), Stillmatic (2001),

God's Son (2002) and others. "It's

probably the best record I ever did," Nas told "I mean,

when you work in the studio for a while, sometimes you think its great, but you

don't know what it is until the people hear it. So I hope the people agree."The

Queensbridge, NY rapper signed a joint venture deal with Def Jam/Sony Music in

January 2006, ending a long-running feud between he and Def Jam president Jay-Z.The

two rappers engaged in a lyrical feud which exploded with Jay-Z's 2001 diss track

"The Takeover." Nas answered with the equally scathing reply, "Ether."The

two men settled their differences in Oct. of 2005, when Jay-Z brought Nas out

for a performance during his "I Declare War" concert at Continental

Airlines Arena in East Rutherford, NJ.Under

terms of the Def Jam/Sony Music union, Nas will produce four albums, with Hip-Hop

is Dead being the first release on his own label, the Jones Experience. The

rapper hinted that fans may finally receive the long-awaited collaboration between

the lyrical giants."I'm

just with Def Jam," Nas said. "I haven't worked with anybody but myself.

A little bit of work with Jay [Z], just for the fans out there and just for us."Nas

said Hip-Hop is Dead will be available to retail outlets on Nov. 7.In

related news, Jay-Z is expected to release an album of new material later in the

year, but Def Jam representatives would not confirm or deny the information.