Nas Says 'Hitler' Quotes Taken Out Of Context

Recent reports have stated that Nas ‘looked up’ to Hitler, but the rapper has stated that the comments were taken completely out of context. “I hate Hitler, because he hated my people…but, as an enemy, if you don’t respect a smart, evil genius you are going down," Nas told “Some people in the media are dummies. Its not surprising [to be taken out of context].”

“When I think of mastermind, whether they were evil and fu**ed up or whether they were children of God, whether they were devils or angels. If you are going out of your enemy, you have to understand his diligence, his convictions and the things he does in order to win and take him out,” he expounded.

Continuing, Nas said,” First of all, this [reporter] makes out my song [“Mastermind”]to be a song for Hitler. My music has nothing to do with Hitler. I hate Hitler. He hated my people. He killed my people as well as Jews and any other person that came after his army. This guy makes my song out to be something it has nothing to do with because he wanted his audience to say, ‘How do we discredit Nas? How do we get Nas to look like he’s crazy.’”

Nas said that the media often has misconstrued other figures in African American history.

“This type of publicity is the type of publicity that they used with Malcolm X and Farrakhan. It’s a way that writers become famous. It’s a way news channels get ratings. And they have a way of controlling my people.”

“This is expected. When I say something small, its gonna be taken out of context,” he concluded.