Nas To Be Honored At Detroit Summit

Nas will be honored with "The Heroes Award" by Detroit's youngest Mayor, 32

year-old Kwame Kilpatrick, at the Hip-Hop Summit in Detroit this weekend

(April 26).

"It's good. I want people to know that you can write these kinds of songs,"

Nas told "[It's good] to know that people know the value of a

song [like "I Can"].

The Detroit Hip-Hop Summit, sponsored by Russell Simmons and Dr. Benjamin

Chavis' Hiphop Summit Action Network, is the largest summit so far, with an

estimated 13,000 patrons expected to attend.

"He thinks it's just because of the song, but I was like its bigger than

that," HSAN Chairman Russell Simmons added. "But a song like that is big and

its good that it's a hit."

Eminem, Mayor Kilpatrick and HSAN are the sponsors of the event, which will

focus on youth empowerment.

"It's for his uplifting content and his encouragement of young people to

become better citizens," Simmons continued.

The Hip-hop Summit will kick off Saturday April 26, at Detroit's Cobo Arena.

Patrons will be allowed entry free of cost on a first come, first serve