Nas To Release The N****r Mixtape

Nas plans to release The N****r Mixtape, after the rapper recently made headlines for removing the racially charged word out of his album title.

DJ Green Lantern recently revealed that he would collaborate with Nas on the effort.

Green Lantern stated that the alliance is the result of some choice conversations via their mobile devices.

“We only really kicked it a couple times over the two-way [pager] and email like, "Let’s do the mixtape," the DJ told “He’s a real cool dude. He’ll hit you out of the blue…’”

Green stated that he hoped to get Nas on a song for his much-delayed Barack Obama mixtape on a song called “Black President.” Nas opted to hold the record for his next album, but Green said he hoped to feature it on The N****r Mixtape.

Green Lantern offered his take on Nas changing his album title, which was proclaimed on May 19. The DJ suggested that corporate forces – not community outrage – compelled the Queensbridge rapper to change the name.

“I guess it shows you the power of Wal-Mart and Target. If that was the case, it’s definitely scary because it kind of f**ks with your artistic vision,” Green said.

Reverend Al Sharpton agreed, but said in a previous statement that the real outrage was within the African American community.

"Clearly, putting their focus and pressure on the companies and not engaging in a fruitless pursuit of chasing a never ending and ever changing roster of artists has proven to be smart," Rev. Sharpton said in a statement. "The record companies and retailers have the power as this Nas matter shows. Had not the [NAN's] Decency Initiative and other groups put the pressure on, this change of title on Nas' album would never had been a corporate concern."

Corporate concerns won’t stop The N****r Mixape, Green charged, and explained it will feature producer Salaam Remi, David Banner and other exclusive mixes. The CD is expected to be about 10 tracks long and will offer the standard soci-political commentary Nas presents.

The N****r Mixtape isn’t the first instance of Nas slyly rebelling. Shortly after announcing his album’s name change he released a song called “N.I.G.G.E.R.”

There is no date of release for The N****r Mixape.