Nas Walks Doesn't Do Hot 97's Summer Jam

Nas walked

out on NY's annual Hot 97 Summer Jam concert yesterday (June 26), claiming that

the station officials would not let him perform his Jay-Z diss record, "Ether."

They support everything he does," Nas said on rival Power 105. "When

Nas, godson, disses him back, they team up with the evil. A whole evil empire

funded by a bunch of other evil empires, Def Jam is one of them - that's giving

[Hot 97] money to play all they artist records," Nas fumed.

Jay-Z called Nas and others out at last years

Hot 97 concert prior to Jay's multi-platinum Blueprint album dropping. Jay performed

his diss to Nas and Mobb Deep, "Take Over" and showed a picture of

Prodigy in a ballerina suit on 4 monitors from the stage. "I was told to

come there and save Angie Martinez's job, come there and help the ratings. But,

I'm here to let my hip-hop community people know that I was dissed this morning

by Hot 97 and told what I couldn't do on the show, which is really outrageous."

It really shows that the wrong people are in

power. This hip-hop thing comes from the streets. We need our freedom."