Nas Writes Novels, Developing Book Based On "Sekou's Story"

After years of showing

off his rhyme skills, Nas has decided to pen his own novels. The hip-hop scribe

said he's particularly developing a book based on a character from his song "Sekou's

Story" off his latest double album, Street's Disciple.

"It's about this guy

named Sekou who's caught up in the drug game," said Nas. "It's the

same story but it talks about him as a person and how he is. That's what makes

the book."

The Queensbridge MC said

he elected to focus more on Sekou's upbringing and principles, however, instead

of the drug dealing.

"It's not so much about

drugs but him and what's going on in his head," said Nas. "[It's him]

dealing with where he comes from, his ethnic background, where he's trying to

go, and how he gets double crossed."

In related Nas news, the

rapper has confirmed dates in England for his upcoming "Street's Disciple"

UK Tour in March. Tour dates are as follows:


UK @ Academy

3/16 BRISTOL, UK @ Academy

3/18 GLASGOW, UK @ Academy

3/19 MANCHESTER, UK @ Apollo

3/21 BRIXTON, LONDON @ Academy

3/24 DUBLIN, IRELAND @ The Point