Nate Dogg Gets Romantic

Hip-hop crooner Nate Dogg recently told that later in his

career he would begin singing love songs, contrasting his current raw style. The self-proclaimed romantic said that he has written roughly 30 love songs in his home studio. “I damn sure refuse to be 50-years old singing, ‘B*tch,’ he said singing. “One day I am going to have to let the youngsters take over.”

Nate Dogg said that he even serenades his “lady friend” because he seems to get so many requests. “I have a little friend of mine that I sing to,” he said, “I’m a romantic.” Nate Dogg has had some problems in the past with women, but now he is happy in his current relationship.

Nate Dogg’s 2nd album, “Music & Me,” is currently available in stores.

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