National Association Of Black Journalists Say Don Imus Should Be Fired For Racist Comments


National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) are outraged at a number of crude

comments made by WFAN radio personality Don Imus, regarding Rutgers University's

women's basketball team. During

a radio interview on his simulcasted radio show on MSNBC, Imus referred to athletes

of the basketball team as “nappy-headed ho’s” and "jiggaboos,"

after they lost the NCAA championship to the University of Tennessee. “Has

he lost his mind?" asked NABJ President Bryan Monroe in a statement. "Those

comments were beyond offensive. Imus needs to be fired. Today.""As

NABJ strives to dispel stereotypes and promote accurate portrayals of minorities

in the media, we find this characterization of these young black women offensive

and hateful," said Barbara Ciara, NABJ vice president/broadcast in a statement.


and numerous others are seeking a public apology from Imus and others hope to

see Imus terminated. It

is unlikely that Imus will be fired as a result of the remarks, but he did make

a public apology on his Imus In The Morning show yesterday [Apr. 6]. Imus

referred to his crude remarks as “insensitive and ill-conceived” and

believed that his comments were, “completely inappropriate."We

can understand why people were offended," Imus said.