National Guard In Russia Cracks Down On Rap Fans' Heads During Hip-Hop Fest

Fans in Russia are upset with the police for being heavy-handed during a big festival in Moscow.

(AllHipHop News) Being an artist in Russia with a dissenting viewpoint is a dangerous job.

Earlier this month, dozens of hip-hop fans were injured by the police during the Hip-Hop Mayday Festival in Moscow.

The National Guard stormed the show and began beating up people in the crowd, who they claimed were throwing heavy objects at the armed cops.

A number of witnesses disputed the cops' account, and one fan is even planning to file a lawsuit.

Vladimir Putin is no stranger to hip-hop and he used to attend Government sponsored rap events like "The Battle For Respect."

But over the past few years, Putin has been attempting to regain control of the genre in his country, where a variety of musicians have been protesting corruption in the country.

Rappers like Husky, Basta, and others have protested against Putin's regime through lyrics and performances.

The rappers ran into trouble earlier this year with the government when the secret police began canceling shows.

The nationwide uproar led to a high-level meeting with Vladimir Putin who weighed in on the power of Hip-Hop.

"This is part of the culture, this is part of our common culture, so it needs to be treated with great caution," Putin said. "If it is impossible to stop, then it is necessary to navigate and guide accordingly."

Over the past several years, a variety of artists have been thrown in jail, poisoned and even killed for protesting Vladimir Putin's stronghold over the country.

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Putin knows he can't stop hip hop...those artist are brave..