Nationwide Call Issued To DJ's For Final Election Push

With just a few days until the November 4 presidential election, Barack Obama’s campaign has requested the help of Hip-Hop’s DJs and radio personalities around the country to urge young voters to make it out to the polls.

In a nationwide conference call held on Tuesday (October 28) afternoon, mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs and Democratic presidential strategist/CNN correspondent Donna Brazile eplained to DJs the importance they already hold as community organizers, and their greater potential in this historic election.

“I’ve never felt this way in life my life about politics. Our main goal now should be stressing to young people the importance of braving the long lines to make their voices heard for Barack,” Combs stated. “As DJs and music personalities we have to educate them to go to the polls prepared to wait. Bring an Ipod, go with friends, whatever needs to be done. If our forefathers can get killed fighting for us during the Civil Rights Movement and dragged to jail, the least we can do is stand in line for a few hours. We do more just to get tickets to a Mary J. or Jay-Z concert.”

Brazile, the first African-American to direct a major presidential campaign, echoed Diddy’s words, but also emphasized the importance of knowing the election rules at the state level.

“Each state differs in their polling policies regarding dress and items needed for first time voters,” said Brazile, who managed the Al Gore-Joe Lieberman ticket in 2000.

“Make sure to do your research on state laws to prevent any mishaps on Election Day," Brazile stressed. "Remember, as DJs you hold a powerful voice as representatives of the people. You all hold more power in your words than any politician simply because you have more credibility being in these communities. And be prepared in the last week for the continuous negative attacks we’ve seen from the McCain campaign.”

Millions of Americans had already cast their ballots early for this historic election, despite wait times in some areas exceeding 8 hours.

Experts expect this year’s total turnout to shatter the 1960, modern Election Day record, where 64% of the country voted in the race between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon.

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