Naughty By Nature Keeps Busy


by Nature has signed a deal with independent

label, TVT Records and is ready to drop an album sometime

this Fall. This will be their sixth studio album, and

while on hiatues, they have all kept busy. Treach is doing

his "Source: All Access" show as well as appearing

in upcoming movies. Treach finished filming "3 A.M."

with Danny Glover, which was produced by Spike Lee. He

also finished up a flick with John Leguizamo, titled "Empire."

Vinny has

kept busy by doing community service and working on educational

television for young people. TVT is nominated for Hip

Hop/R&B Indie Label of the Year by Billboard and their

label already includes Snoop and the Eastsidaz, Doggy's

Angels(now "THE Angels"), and Lil Jon and the

Eastside Boyz.

Naughty By

Nature will also be performing at MTV 20: LIVE AND ALMOST

LEGAL, August 1st, to celebrate 20 years of MTV.