NBA Player Chris Webber Opens Restaurants, Produces For Nas' New Album

Philadelphia 76ers player Chris Webber has announced that he will open the first of six family and entertainment-themed restaurants called Center Court with C Webb.

The grand opening will take place Nov. 14 in Sacramento, Calif., and the restaurant will be available to the public the following day.

"I'm happy to be opening what will be an immensely successful and popular restaurant's that families can enjoy together," Webber said in a statement.

In the works for over two years, Webber and Dudum Sports and Entertainment geared the restaurant towards family and fans to provide a dining experience that pays tribute to basketball's greatest heroes.

"I am excited that Chris chose to begin our partnership of unique basketball restaurants in Sacramento, where he spent many successful seasons," sys Jeff Dudum, founder of Dudum Sports and Entertainment.

The restaurant's menu will feature triple-stacked hamburgers, apple cobblers and "dunkable" appetizers courtesy of the restaurant's five-star culinary director, Frank Palmer.

Outside the array of food Center Court plans to offer, the new franchise will also host multiple fundraisers to benefit nonprofits while providing jobs to local communities.

In related news, Webber recently contributed production to Nas' upcoming Def Jam album Hip-Hop Is Dead...The N.