NBA Youngboy Refuses To I.D. His Attackers; Lawyer Says The Rapper Is "Scared"

AllHipHop Staff

Is the rap star stonewalling a murder case in Miami?

(AllHipHop News) NBA Youngboy may have good intentions when he offered to pay for a murder victim's funeral in Miami after the man was killed in a drive-by shooting targeting the rap star.

But prosecutors believe the rapper, born Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, doesn't seem to care about justice for the man who was killed because he is reportedly refusing to cooperate with authorities.

Investigators claim NBA Youngboy is refusing to identify the men who attacked him on May 12 as he and his entourage were exiting the Trump International Beach Resort Miami.

A passing Cadillac Escalade started firing at them just before the rapper's performance at Rolling Loud.

His girlfriend Jania Jackson was hit in the shoulder and a man named Mohamad Jradi was fatally wounded after he was shot in the head by someone in the rapper's entourage, who began firing back in self-defense.

Shortly after the shooting, NBA Youngboy's lawyer said the rapper wanted to "help" Jradi's family by paying for his funeral expenses.

NBA Youngboy is currently locked up in Baton Rouge after a judge revoked his probation for "talking smack" online about the shooting.

The judge barred the 19-year-old rapper from nightclubs and social media, after he allegedly attacked Jania in Georgia, which violated the terms of his probation for his role in a drive-by shooting in Baton Rouge in December of 2016.

Investigators claim they went to visit the rapper in cell in Baton Rouge, but he supposedly refused to speak with them.

NBA Youngboy's lawyer James Manasseh denied the claims and blamed his client's refusal to talk on a "miscommunication," saying he needed more time to "convince" the rapper to cooperate.

“He’s willing to cooperate, but he’s scared. He’s a victim in this whole thing,” James Manasseh told the Miami Herald.