NBC And Saturday Night Live Stop Natalie Portman Rap

Lawyers for NBC

television network are seeking to have a Saturday Night Live parody rap

video featuring actress Natalie Portman permanently removed from internet outlets

that allow users to trade videos.

Portman performed

a profanity-laced rap on Saturday, as she was the host of the long-running variety

show. According to Fox News, the video received approximately 438,000 views

on YouTube.com prior to being disabled on Monday.

Some analysts feel

that NBC and SNL may be missing marketing opportunities with their aggressive

pursuit against these video-swapping outlets.

Norman Parrish,

CEO of the The Parrish Group, a strategic marketing and brokering firm said

the two entities might be missing a progressive point.

"I am a viral

marketing advocate. Corporations need to stop panicking and start embracing

the organic spread of their products," Parrish told AllHipHop.com. "Hip-Hop

thrives on viral marketing and it's a billion dollar business, in part, because

of it."

NBC and Saturday

Night Live accomplished a similar feat with "Lazy Sunday," another

rap parody better known as "Chronic-WHAT-cles of Narnia."

Both videos are

available on NBC.com and "Lazy Sunday" is available for a $1.99 download

on Apple's iTunes, a financial justification for banning the video on swapping



and NBC are trying to control a viral situation. But they need to be careful

because they run the risk of alienating potential new viewers," Parrish

continued. "We won't be able to tell if stopping the natural spread of

the clip was a bad or good move for them until next week when they can measure

how many people went to the NBC.com site to see the clip or how many people

tuned in to watch."