NCAA President Criticizes Snoop Dogg Ads

The head of the NCAA told leaders of the BCS (Bowl Championship Series) that he was unhappy with the series of commercials that featured Snoop Dogg.President Myles Brand chided the organization, which determines what teams play each other in the BCS, while speaking at the NCAA Convention today (January 11)."I thought it was inappropriate for a college game," Brand told reporters.The advertisements were sponsored by Nokia and directed by Guy Ritchie, who married Madonna in 2000.The ad featured the rapper trying to figure out which celebrity guest stole the championship trophy.Fans had the chance to win $100,000 if they helped identify the would be thief.The BCS oversees the Sugar Bowl, The Rose Bowl, The Orange Bowl and The Fiesta Bowl.Brand also criticized the college schools for not having enough minority administrators and coaches.According to a report by the Associated Press, just four of the 117 head football coaches in Division I-A this season were black."That is unacceptable, especially given that a large portion of the student-athletes who participate on these teams are African-American," Brand said.