Ne-Yo, 50 Cent Weigh In On T.I., Former Mayor Defends Rapper

(AllHipHop News) R&B singer Ne-Yo is the latest artist to chime in on the arrest of rapper/actor T.I., who along with his wife Tameka "Tiny" Cottle, was charged with drug possession in West Hollywood on Wednesday evening (September 1st). Ne-Yo told the Associated Press that T.I. makes poor choices when it comes to the people he surrounds himself with, saying "nine times out of 10 when he gets in trouble, it's not him, it's the people that he's with."50 Cent also weighed in on the day the news broke that T.I. and his wife Tiny were busted with ecstasy and meth-amphetamines. "Tiny gotta take that charge. Say it was yours baby," 50 Cent tweeted. T.I. and his wife Tiny were arrested around 10:40 PM on the Sunset strip, after police stopped the rapper's Maybach for allegedly making an illegal U-turn. Officers searched the vehicle after allegedly smelling the odor of marijuana. A search of the vehicle uncovered a small amount of ecstasy and an unknown meth-amphetamine. Meanwhile, T.I. is reportedly heading to Atlanta, where he will soon face U.S. District Judge Charles Pannell, the federal judge who gave him a light sentence (one year in prison) for attempting to illegally purchase machine guns and silencers in October of 2007. Former Mayor Andrew Young weighed in on the matter as well. Young, who officiated T.I.'s marriage to Tiny in July of 2010, also served as a mentor to T.I. after his October 2007 arrest on the gun charges. The former U.N. Ambassador also co-signed Judge Pannell's sentencing for T.I., who spoke to children about the perils of drugs and guns as part of his community service, which was also turned into a reality show on MTV titled T.I.: Road to Redemption. “He wanted to do right but he had grown up in an environment where it was hard to define right according to American middle class values," Andrew Young told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "We never talked about drugs. We talked about violence and we talked about guns. We talked about family and we talked about community.”