Necro Concert In Vancouver Ends In Riot

AllHipHop Staff

A Hip-Hop concert in downtown Vancouver degenerated into a near riot between police and patrons after a no-show by headlining rapper Necro.

The show was sponsored by Abort magazine, and was set to take place at Richards on Richards nightclub last Saturday (March 21).

According to, fans became restless after waiting hours for Necro to appear, only to be told that the Brooklyn emcee was forced to reschedule due to travel delays.

Despite the show being rescheduled for the following day (March 22), concert-goers began throwing bottles, chairs, and tables on stage at the DJ.

Club security was quickly overwhelmed, and Vancouver police arrived within minutes to quell the disturbance.

In what referenced as “excessive force,” several fans were slammed to the concrete outside as patrons yelled out accusations of police brutality.

The increased animosity between residents and authorities stems from the police shooting death of an alleged box cutter wielding homeless man on Friday March 20.

According to the B.C. Civil Liberties Association, the area has seen at least 24-police related shooting deaths between 1999 and2007.

At press time, rapper Necro could not be reached for comment.