Necro Fined For Assault In Australia

AllHipHop Staff

Brooklyn rapper Necro was fined $3000 for an altercation in Australia which ended with a man suffering a fractured cheekbone.

Necro, real name Ron Raphael Braunstein, was in the country as part of his current international tour.

While waiting outside of a café in the city of Perth, the rapper was accosted by an aggressive man over allegations of reckless eyeballing.

Necro’s defense lawyer claimed the unidentified man said to his client: “What the f**k are you looking at?!”

Allegedly, Necro attempted to diffuse the situation before it became violent.

“What’s your problem,” the Psycho+Logical Records CEO replied. “I am not looking at you but I can look at who I f**king want.”

After the man stood up to possibly make the dispute physical, Necro punched him several times before entourage member Christopher Catenacci jumped in and inflicted further damage.

Authorities were called by eyewitnesses, and both men were arrested at their hotel.

The timing of the apprehension and fining sentence resulted in Necro’s Hyde Park Hotel concert being cancelled.

At press time, Necro is scheduled to perform tonight in Adelaide before finishing up international dates in New Zealand and Norway.

Necro’s last studio album was the 2007 metal/Hip-Hop hybrid LP Death Rap.