Necro, Khia Banned In Australia

Rappers Necro and Khia have been banned from being purchased by children in Australia under new censorship rules.The Australian Record Industry Association (ARIA) introduced a four level censorship guideline three years ago.The first two levels warn about the explicit content of a recording, while level three is a ban of sale to persons under the age of 18.Necro's Brutality Part One and Khia's "My Neck, My Back" and her album Thug Misses were both banned under the censorship rules."There really isn't anyone as explicit as me on any level," Necro told "Maybe Geto Boys or N.WA. It doesn't bother me because they are tame over there. It's not a big deal. My records are still in all the stores, because they are distributed by the biggest distributor out there."This is the first time the level three punishment has been enforced.Level four, which no one has achieved yet, is a total ban in Australia.Necro is preparing to release a new album The Pre-Fix For Death, which is slated to hit stores August 3, 2004."Australia was founded by a bunch of criminals, so who knows what's up with them anyway," Necro said.