Necro Releases Special Edition CD/DVD

Hardcore hip-hopper Necro is releasing a special

limited edition of The Gory Days on CD and DVD. The rapper said that only 5,000

copies have been pressed. Fans of Necro can pre-order the set and receive the

CD and DVD, two T-Shirts and an autographed poster by the Brooklyn emcee.

"Most cats in the music business drop an

album every two years, which is standard," Necro told "Gory

Days dropped in 2001 so I figured the least I could do is give my album a 1

year push and what better way to transition into my next sh*t by doing a limited

edition pressing of 5,000 copies so the real heads can step up to the plate

and get laced."

The CD and 2 1/2 hour DVD features 3 live shows

the "I Need Drugs" music video, Necro rhyming live on the radio, Necro

on VH1, pranks, skits and other images.

"There is mad behind the scenes footage,"

Necro continued. Footage showing my uncle shooting up heroin and smoking crack,

guest appearances from cats like Non-Phixion, Buckshot, Evil Dee, Greg Nice,

Wendy Day from Rap Coalition plus hot girls holding my guns, talking mad sh*t."

While fans of Necro have been patient for the

past 10 months for a release from the rapper, he promised that he would be releasing

material on a more consistent basis.

"I will be dropping a lot of bangers after

this sh*t, so people should be prepared. Cats got the Gory Days album, then

the Non-Phixion album, but that's just the beginning. The brutality is gonna

continue til people respect hardcore hip-hop again, like when hip-hop was in

it's golden years. Stay on the look out, anything with Necro on it is Jewels!"

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Here are the tracklisting for the CD and DVD:

CD Tracklisting:

1)Bury You With Satan

2)World Gone Mad

3)Light My Fire

4)Circle Of Tyrants - feat. Mr hyde, Goretex,Ill BIll, & Captain Carnage

5)Dead Body Desposal

6)You're All Dying

7)All Hotties Eat The Jizz


9)12 King Pimp Commandments

10)Gory Days

11)Poetry In The Streets - feat. Ill Bill

12)Don't Try To Ruin It - feat. The Kid Joe

13)One Way Or Another


Bonus Tracks:

15)24 Shots

16)Violins Of Violence - feat. Mr. Hyde

DVD Tracklisting:

1)"Gory Days" Commercial

2)Interview pt.1 (Wendy Day & Tom Sarig)

3)Necro Live at SOB's, NYC - "Your Fuckin Head Split" 8/15/2001

4)Interview pt.2 (Buckshot & Ill Bill)

5)Necro rhyming live on WKCR 89.9 Famalam show Bobbito & Lord Sear 4/20/2000

6)Necro Live at SOB's, NYC - "I'm Sick Of You" 8/15/2001

7)interview pt.3 (DJ Evil D, Greg Nice & Concrete)

8)Necro on VH1 (Bury you with Satan is played in the movie "Warning Parental


9)"I Need Drugs" The Music Video

10)Behind the scenes of the "I Need Drugs" Music Video

(30 min. of footage similar to the stuff seen on HBO's America Undercover)

11)"I Need Drugs" photo session

12)Necro playing with hookers pt.1 (a pornstar & a video girl)

13)interview pt.4 (Big D, Howie McDuffie, & Lord Sear)

14)Fucking with people (live pranks)

15)Necro Live at SOB's, NYC - "Rugged Shit" 8/15/2001

16)The Devil Made Me Do It (short film shot on 16mm film in color)

17)Fleabag (short film shot on 16mm film b&w reversal)

18)Get me dat bread (skit)

19)Behind the scenes of "The Devil Made Me Do It"

20)interview pt.5 (DJ Eclipse, Percee P, Sabac)

21)187 Reasonz Y (short film shot on super8mm b&w film)

22)Playing with hookers pt.2 (a pornstar & a video girl)

23)Necro Live at SOB's, NYC - "The Most Sadistic" 8/15/2001

24)Kid Joe skits

25)interview pt.6 (Breez, Ralphie, & DCQ)

26)Uncle Howie freaking out

27)Necro Live at Downtime, NYC (acapella porn verse)

28)ironman skit (Chris Stanger)

29)interview pt.7 (Drunk fans)

30)Gene Milman freaking out (skit)

31)Necro Live at Brownies, NYC - "Rugged Shit" & "HoeBlow"

32)Tito Blackjack (skit)

33)interview pt.8 (Ill Bill)

Running Time: 2:33:42