Necro's Track "Howard Stern" Makes Howard Stern

(AllHipHop News) Hardcore rapper Necro received major exposure yesterday morning (April 16), after media titan Howard Stern aired Necro's new song "Howard Stern" on his radio show.

Necro calls out a variety of pop stars on the track in honor of "Stern," which was made as a tribute to "The King of All Media."

Necro has been naming checking pop stars like Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian, Brad Pitt, Conrad Murray, Kate Middleton and others who appear in the tabloids for years now, on his "Tabloid Update" tracks.

"I have been doing it for years and dropped some verses back in the day in freestyles live on the radio," Necro said. "On my mixtapes I dropped a few of these tracks as well, one of the most famous being 'Billie Jean 2005' where I destroy Michael Jackson."

According to Necro, who is working on an album titled Godfathers with Hip-Hop icon Kool G. Rap, this is the first time he's officially released a 'Tabloid track' as a single.

"Howard Stern is the 'King of all Media' and I felt I was the king of all tabloid abuse lyrically in the Hip-Hop form, so what better a title than 'Howard Stern,'" Necro explained. "This allowed me to pay homage to the legend of radio, while creating an interesting track where I destroy today's pop mainstream icons in a most humorous way, all for jokes and entertainment."

Since the track made Howard Stern's legendary morning radio show, Necro is hopeful that he might land an appearance on the show.

The rapper, who has helped pioneer a genre of underground hardcore "Horror Core Hip-Hop," already has some new "Tabloid trash" verses lined up just for Howard Stern, who doesn't trash rap, but admits to really only being a fan of Eminem - so far.

"If I do make it to Howard's show ever and get to showcase my talents, I would love to go up and kick some brand new tabloid verses on his show live on the air, kinda like the old Hip-Hop shows," Necro said.