Nelly Cancels Charity Event At Spelman

Spelman College, the Atlanta-based historically Black women’s college, forced Nelly to cancel a bone marrow drive on the school’s campus, because of the rapper’s portrayal of women.

The event, which was through his 4 Sho Kids foundation, sponsored the drive and Nelly was set to appear on the campus today (April 2), but many female students objected to his presence.

Campus officials noted that the student body and some officials expressed concern for the negative, overly sexualized videos in certain hip-hop videos. Many noted Nelly’s “Tip Drill” video as an example. In the video, Nelly and rappers like The St. Lunatics, David Banner and others indulge in sexual folly with strippers.

According to reports, Spelman and their male counterpart Morehouse were planning protests of Nelly and wanted to question him about his video, all of which prompted him to cancel the drive.

Spelman students are exploring other bone marrow drive options with the Red Cross. Nelly began his bone marrow drives after his sister was stricken with Leukemia.