Nelly Debuts New Pimp Juice Flavor; Scholarship

St. Louis-based rapper Nelly is inserting a bit of flavor in to his third annual P.I.M.P. "Upgrade Your Life" scholarship contest, as he launches a new addition to his Pimp Juice beverage brand.

Pimp Juice - the Purple Label, an anti-oxidant/ energy drink that blends acai, ascorbic acid, grape extract, green tea extract, pear extract, pomegranate juice and yerba mate, is slated to hit stores by the end of August.

The launch of the new lightly carbonated beverage comes as consumers are now able purchase Pimp Juice at F.Y.E. (For Your Entertainment) music stores in area malls across the United States.

The popular drink will be located next to the register in participating stores.

In addition to FYE, consumers can purchase Pimp Juice products at Spencer’s Gifts and local convenience stores.

The debut of Pimp Juice - The Purple Label is being held in conjunction with the P.I.M.P. "Upgrade Your Life" scholarship contest.

This year’s contest will focus on a photo and essay competition in which students detail how they will "upgrade his/ her life" through education, hard work, creativity, heart, and philanthropy.

For Nelly, the contest's theme carries a personal connection as he recalls his personal journey towards success.

"Luck can only get you so far in this life," the rapper said. "I was able to upgrade my life with hard work and sacrifice. I hope these scholarships will enable the less fortunate to reach their goals."

The scholarship contest and the launch of Pimp Juice - The Purple Label mark the latest ventures for Nelly and Fillmore Street Brewery (FSB).

Contestants are required to submit an essay and photo with a Pimp Juice can that personifies their future plans. Essays should be no longer than 1,000 words.

Four scholarships (two for domestic students and two for international students) will be awarded to the winners, while the top 10 finalists will receive free product and gear from the P.I.M.P. "Upgrade Your Life" scholarship program.

The scholarships are each valued up to $5,000.

For contest details and applications, visit