Nelly Defends 'Tip Drill' Video

Nelly is brushing

off critics of his video “Tip Drill,” and is planning on producing

a full-length adult movie based around the song and video.

The original video,

which aired on BET’s UnCut late night video show, came under fire from

various African-American groups and women on college campuses across the nation

for it’s portrayal of women.

“We [are]

not trying to put it into a prospective where we demoralize women,” Nelly

told “It was strictly adult entertainment; it wasn’t

to try to demoralize women.”

The chart topping

rapper said his video wasn’t a far stretch from the imagery in Beyonce’s

hit video “Crazy in Love” or Toni Braxton’s 1996 hit video,

“Your Makin’ Me High,” where Braxton and her girlfriends judge

men as an elevator door opens.

And while he defended

his video, he was clear that it should be kept from children.

“The ‘Tip

Drill’ video was made for a program that came on at 3:00 am, when kids

should be in bed,” the rapper reasoned. “Entertainers get a bad

rap. It’s easier to blame us for you not raising your kids and being involved

in your kid’s life.”

Nelly’s latest

two albums Sweat & Suit are currently in the Top 10 on

Billboard’s pop charts.