Nelly Handles Overzealous Fan Like A Gentleman

AllHipHop Staff

The rapper was almost seriously injured, when an excited fan pulled him off the stage during a show.

(AllHipHop News) Nelly was dragged off stage by an overzealous fan during his show in Palm Springs, California on Saturday night.

The rapper was performing at the Agua Caliente Resort Casino Spa Rancho Mirage when he approached the front of the stage to greet his adoring fans.

However, the gesture quickly took a turn for the worse, as one devotee yanked the star and sent him tumbling off stage.

In footage obtained by TMZ, Nelly is seen falling into the barricades, before dusting himself off and speaking with the female fan and alleged culprit.

Although the "Dilemma" hitmaker initially seemed annoyed by the incident, he quickly returned to the stage and expressed he was just thankful to have not been injured.

"You can't pull me, shorty. I appreciate it - but I'm on the edge of the stage," he told the fan. "If you pull me, I ain't got nowhere to go!"

He went on to acknowledge the act wasn't malicious and told security to leave her be as he carried on with the show.