Nelly Launches Clothing Line


like part of the 'book of success'- once you blow up,

you have to start a clothing line. And Nelly

is going step by step. The multi-platinum rapper is launching

his own clothing line, Vokal, and plans are set to have

them in stores by the holiday season.


means 'speak for yourself' and this clothing speaks for

itself," Nelly said. "VOKAL may be a Nelly thing,

a St. Louis thing, but it has global appeal. We plan to

make this line a worldwide success. VOKAL will set the

hottest trends for young menswear. My line is going to

take a creative and different approach to casual urban


For jeans

the prices will range from $60 and up, and T-shirts $24

and up. The clothing line will mostly target men between

the ages of 13 to 30, and will be available in major retail

stores as well as specialty shops.