Nelly Launches Pimp Juice, Derrty Ent. In Africa

Rapper Nelly has inked a deal to distribute his Pimp Juice energy throughout the continent of Africa.

The rapper entered into a partnership with Mojalife to distribute Vokal, Apple Bottom Jeans and the Pimp Juice brand.

"We have already pre-produced 1.5 million cans for South Africa and we are looking at producing between 1 and 1.5 million units locally every month," Mojolife's creative director Peter Friedman.

According to Friedman, Mojalife has the exclusive rights to distribute the drink throughout Africa and another 3 million cans of Pimp Juice will be exported to Nigeria, Australia and New Zealand.

Pimp Juice will go on sale in South Africa starting May 18 and will be the first line of business the union launches, followed by the African launches of Vokal and Apple Bottom Jeans.

Nelly is also establishing and launching his Derrty Entertainment record label in South Africa.