Nelly Loses Bid To Out His Rape Accuser

The superstar hitmaker has been exonerated, but he still fighting to clear his name.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Nelly's sexual assault accuser won't have to reveal her identity, a judge has ruled.

Nelly and his legal team demanded the Jane Doe behind the allegations name herself, but a federal judge has decided that won't be necessary.

According to court documents the lawmaker has opted to let the courts decide if the accuser must come forward.

"Courts now place more weight on the psychological trauma faced by victims of sexual assault, the easy public access of court records online, and the deterrent effect that 'outing' a sexual assault victim may have on other victims," the judge wrote.

"The Court is also mindful of the strong public interest in protecting the identities of sexual assault victims so as not to deter other victims from reporting crimes against them. Having considered and weighed the interests herein, the Court concludes that the interest in preserving Plaintiff’s privacy by use of a pseudonym outweighs the public interest in ascertaining her true name, and so Plaintiff will be allowed to proceed under a pseudonym in the instant case."

The Jane Doe sued Nelly last year over an alleged sexual assault backstage following a 2017 concert in England.

The unidentified woman claims the rapper exposed himself and began masturbating in front of her before allegedly forcing his erect penis inside her mouth.

The accuser is also suing Nelly’s girlfriend, Shantel Jackson, for defamation because of comments she made about the incident on social media.

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I dont belive Nelly done that to her Seriousley wtf for he got a women someone now that just wants to make him look bad And his his$$$$ Love you Babe come back to the rockk