Nelly Robbed Of $1 Million In Jewels

Nelly was robbed

of more than $1 million dollars in jewelry last night at the Aladdin hotel-casino

in Las Vegas.

The rapper was

in Vegas for the 2003 Radio Music Awards and performed the hit "Shake Ya

Tailfeather," with P.Diddy and Murphy Lee.

The hotel room

Nelly was staying in was burglarized. The theft was reported to police around

9:00 Monday evening and the incident was being investigated.

Michelle Branch,

who also stayed at the Aladdin, reported computer equipment stolen.

Over the past months

various rappers have had issues with their jewelry. Last month, Big V of the

group Nappy Roots lost almost $20,000 worth of jewelry when he was forced to

check it in before flying on Southwest Airlines.

Trina was robbed

of over $300,000 when a man posing as her manager entered her hotel room in

Greensville North Carolina and Lil Kim lost, but recovered a necklace worth

$250,000 in June.