Nelly's Camp Warns Of Apple Bottom Imposters

Nelly's camp is warning fans to be aware of unofficial Apple Bottom model searches, after a fraudulent event took place on March 21 in Oakland, California.Urban Trenz, an urban retailer, staged a false and illegal "Apple Bottoms Model Search" at Kimballs Carnival on Sunday, March 21, 2004."This event was in no way affiliated with Apple Bottoms or Nelly," an Apple Bottoms spokesperson told "We are looking into legal action to halt the fraudulent advertising and executive of these illegal events."<brParticipants were charged $25 to try out for the event and since there is no connection to the official company, unwitting hopefuls are being duped.The Official Apple Bottoms Girl Tour will kick off in July 2004 and will be hosted by Nelly himself.Apple Bottoms is the clothing line the St. Louis rapper launched last year for women.Sales for Nelly's mens clothing line Vokal and Apple Bottom are expected to top $100 million this year.Nelly will start a ten-date tour April 5th, as he prepares to release his third album this summer.